Thursday, 28 April 2011

Six Tips On How To Write A Great Article

Six Tips On How To Write A Great Article
by Brad Selers
Article writing today is big business for many different reasons. Articles are published every single day in a variety of mediums, all of which are written by individuals around the world. These are published online, in newspapers and journals and so on. Maybe writing articles is something that you are interested in, but do not know how to get started. If you want to make article writing a hobby or even a business you will need 6 tips on how to write a great article.

Step one - start every single article with a brief rundown of what you will be discussing. Obviously this will be contained within the first paragraph. But do not try to go into too much detail, just give readers a snapshot of what you will be talking about.

Step two - in the next paragraph you must aim to summarise what will be discussed within the article. By doing this you will create a focus in your reader and make them want to read the rest of your article. However ensure that you do not repeat what you have said in your first paragraph your reader will become bored.

Step three - find a good style to write in and stick to it during each individual article. One mistake that a lot of writers make is to switch styles during an article. Doing this will only create confusion for your reader and make your article read poorly. If you are concerned about this scan through your article as you are writing it to make sure you are always in the same style.

Step four - to really engage the reader write as though you are having a conversation with them. Write in a way that will pull them in and want to carry on reading what you have to say. Being too stuffy or overly serious when writing will put your readers off, especially if you are writing for a certain audience.

Step five - don't ever write an article on a subject that you have no experience in without research. Not only is this highly unprofessional it will also take you much longer to write your article. Send a little time researching your subject and you will be much more successful when writing your article. If this is not possible you may have to turn down writing the article rather than submitting a poorly written piece. This is something that all writers need to understand and you will too.

Step six - stay on topic! This is a point that cannot be stressed enough as a lot of writers wander off topic when writing. If you do this you will not be creating great articles, they will be confusing and disjointed. Anyone who is concerned about this should re-read the article they are writing every couple of paragraphs.
As you can see the 6 stages to learn how to write a great article are very straightforward. Follow them and you will soon learn how to write a great article that is highly professional. Who knows if you are not already making money out of this, you soon could be with a great article writing style.
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Tips to use Twitter Effectively

Twitter may look confusing at the first look specially for beginners when they start using twitter, as It was same for me when I started using it. You simply face terms like tweet, Retweet, trend that make it look complicated. But it 's not really so It's fun "when you knew How to Use It"

What is Twitter
Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking service,Its is micro-blogging because posts or messages posted to the system which Twitter calls them Tweets, can only be 140 characters long, unlike normal blogs where posts can be of any length. Twitter is a social networking service, because You can see other ones tweets regardless of being your friend and conversely, also you can choose who's tweet you read. Twitter also allows you to reply to tweets, and those reply can be seen by not only by your followers (those who have chosen to to see your tweets) but also the person who you are replying to, regardless of if they have opted to
follow you or not. As it's not so in Facebook and just your friends can see your posts in most cases that depends to your privacy set in your profile.

I 'll stop here at this point and recommend Scott Herbert' s book about "Using Twitter Effectively" that help you using twitter and will show you how to use Twitter from creating account to twitter applications hashtags and many more. Follow the tips of this book to guarantee your success in twitter.

This book is release under CreativeCommons Attribution Non-commercial license for more information 
visit here.

Monday, 25 April 2011

How to Get Dofollow Backlinks from Social Bookmarks?

Dofollow backlinks are very useful when it come to seo,and when you do off-page seo. It is a crucial part of page rank algorithm of google that brings life to your website and make google pay more attention to you. They can guarantee you first page in search results.
Now imagine that you get dofollow backlinks from social bookmarking services spacially when it come to Facebook, Twitter, and Digg...

Today I installed an extension on my Chrome browser that made it easy for me to check if which link is dofollow and which one is nofollow? you can download it here. This extension show nofollow links as red highlights. Now I want to make an experiment and check links from social bookmarking sites.

These are my results with facebook, nofollow links every link on facebook is nofollow, however this is what i saw.
links on facebook 
and this is what I got on twitter.
links on twitter
Let's go to digg.
on digg also nofollow links
dofollow links on digg

Yes You'll get a dofollow link for every story you submit to Digg this means you'll get dofollow links for every internal page that you have on your website. As well as targeted traffic that you get from digg.

I have found some great dofollow social bookmarking services that can make this post richer.Enjoy (pagerank=8) (pagerank=6) (page rank=5) (page rank=5) (pagerank=5) (pagerank=5) (pagerank=4) (pagerank=3) (pagerank=3)

Here I just listed social bookmarking site with high pagerank If you know some dofollow one with good page rank share the love.

Monday, 18 April 2011

MyBlogGuest A Guest Blogger Community

It's about a while that that i heard about the term of Guest Blogger However it is something new for me and many don't know about it.
Guest Blog
Last week when I google for Guest Blogger found a community of guest bloggers that made me to share it with you because it is really beneficial.
However I joined them, considering guest blog in a blog for future, so far I don't have Guest post in this blog, but it is not a bad idea to have some for my niche.

Who is a Guest Blogger?
Guest Bloggers are people that write on other blogs as guest blogger and in return they get back links and traffic for their blogs and websites. This is the simplest way that I can describe a guest blogger for you. You may ask what is this ache in butt when i can get content from article directories? but you must think again there is different between them.

The articles that you get from an article directory is not a unique content a lot of people may publish the same thing in their blogs, despite of being a legit way online to get content, while a guest post is pure unique content from people that interested in writing on your blog. This can incredibly increase your traffic and give life to your blog as they get free traffic, it is a great opportunity for them to get new readers and promote themselves. As they choose where is the best place to publish their article. It is a win win win process...

MyBlogGuest is a community of people looking for a blog to guest post on or if you are a blogger you can find articles related to your niche for your blog. However you may consider to make a guest post in my blog.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Best Free Twitter apps for the iPhone

140 words social network after a significant growing worldwide now wants to break the borders. Mobile phones was always been important for social networks. In this competition Twitter is not exception, specially when blogged about it in their official blog about their strategies "Twitter for iPhone"

Now I ’ll break it down for you and showcase the best . Keep reading and find out hich apps are the best for you.

 It's free simple and easy to use Twitter application great if your just starting using Twitter. You can upload pictures and your current location with a touch of a button, it clearly display which tweets you havent read. You can also follow and block people that you are already following. You can also get the paid verson but the free version is good enough and do the job good.

was one of the first Twitter clients for the iPhone, and before that, was one of the first Twitter clients. It is one of the best designed, best looking Twitter clients out there. Now it is available for the Apple iPad.
It supports Twitter lists, filters, search & trends, language translation besides other features.

for iPhone sends you push notifications anytime someone mentions you on Twitter, or sends you a direct message. The best part is, it works with what you already love: Twittelator ProTweetieTwitterrificTwitterFon or Twinkle.

Twitter for iPhone(earlier known as Tweetie) 
Twitter for the iPhone(formally known as tweetie) is the official application from the twitter for the iPhone besides being a full-fledged client application, It includes some features no other iPhone app. provides, e.g. user registration.


is a fast, flexible, full-featured twitter client for your iPhone and iPod Touch. TwitBird comes in three versions – Free (unpaid, ad-supported, 2 accounts), Premium ($1.99, ad-free, 2 accounts, PUSH capabilities) and Pro ($2.99,ad-free, 16 accounts, PUSH capabilities) – all integrating the best features from other twitter apps into a single, stable  client.

Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro is an iPhone touch screen client that features support for multiple accounts, uploading photos to Twitpic and Pikchur, search nearby and location aware, inline thumbnails of links to images, 5 themes, 
trending topics, subgroups for your favorite friends, copy/paste, retweet, advanced search and more power features

Twinkle is a Twitter client for the iPhone. You can discover, connect, and send messages to people nearbUpload photos and update your Twitter account. Contact old friends and make new ones, all with Twinkle, the location-aware network for the iPhone.

Twitterific was one of the first Twitter clients for the iPhone, and before that , was one of the first twitter clients. It is one of the best designed, best looking Twitter clients out there, Now it's available for the apple iPad.

If you know other good iPhone applications for Twitter that you used and sounds great, don't hesitate to comment.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Top 10 free tools to monitor your activity on Twitter

Twitter with more than 175 million members is one of the biggest social networking and micro-blogging communities. On twitter you can follow and be followed and share what's in your mind in 140 words.
After a while, when you get some thousands of followers, you'd feel the need of using tools and application to manage this amount of followers.

Hopefully  there are many tools around and for free for managing and monitoring your twitter account, I therefore prepared today a small list of 7 services to help you manage your account, monitor conversations about you and analyze the performance of your activities on Twitter.

Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your Twitter profile compared with others. It looks at a variety of aspects, such as the number of followers, power of those followers, and the level to which you are engaging the community. It takes just a few seconds to generate your free report. 
It's a free tool and very promising, which lets you analyze the performance of your tweets and retweets with graphs and tables are very easy to interpret. You can find out how often your tweets were seen and clicked,   also what are the best hours for Tweeter through recommendations based on your business and your followers. Moreover, the paid version of Crowdbooster lets you create custom reports and export them to Excel or PDF! An excellent tool to analyze and optimize your commitment Twitter marketing your multiple accounts.

Cadmus is a real-time service that track your stream on your various (Twitter, FriendFeed and RSS) by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.

Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. Simply enter your Twitter ID in the form. No login required.

Twitter counter ranks your twitter account, and give you an idea of your future rank and followers. Also you can find top 100 twitter users, and more features you'd better to check yourself.

Monitter is a real time twitter search tool that enables you to monitor a set of keywords on twitter. It also allows you to narrow the search to a particular geographic location, allowing you to find out what’s going on in a particular part of the world.

Twitalyzer is Twitter's most measurement solution for business and personal users, focusing on influence, impact, engagement, generosity.

TweetStats gives you comprehensive statistics of your tweets history, your tweets per day and per month, tweet density, replies to your tweets and retweets.

Twitscoop is a simple search engine for twitter that pursues what people are talking about and aggregates that content into searchable topic.


TweetPsych uses two linguistic analysis algorithms to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets. The service analyzes your last 1000 tweets and works best on users who have posted more than 1000 updates. It also works best on accounts that are operated by a single user and use Twitter in a conversational manner, rather than as a content distribution platform.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Top 10 Free Blog Ping Services Online

First of all you may ask "what is pinging?" and "How ping works?" to start this post I'm going to tell you more about pinging briefly.
Every time you update your blog pinging will let search engines to know that your server has been updated. It send packets to target hosts that are some blog directories and search engines and wait for response. The result of test  will list in form of statistical summary of the response packets received, which that "ping sent" or "failed to send ping".

This operation draws search engine bots to your blog post, and as a result your blog post will get indexed faster which means free traffic to your website.