Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Top Internet Marketing Tips to Promote Your Blog Site

With thousands of blogs being created every day, bloggers needpromottheir pages and drive traffic to their sites. While some brands may opt to hire internet marketing consultants to help them with the online promotions, others may choose to employ basic tactics on their own to facilitate optimization and appeal audiences.
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Here is a list of some basic and effective guidelines for successful optimization and promotion of your website:

1. Personalized Domain Name:
Invest in a service which allows you to use your own domain name for our site. For example, an internet marketing website from Vancouver, with a website internetmarketing.com can get them a blog under the name of blog.internetmarketing.com to facilitate correlation to the bran by web users. Using a hosted service will result in disconnect and consequently impact your online traffic.

2. Customize Your Layout and Design:
It is even better if you are able to build yourself a site on software which allows you to customize the look and feel of your blog-site. Work on your design to make it look like an extension of your brand. This will facilitate recognition and add to the credibility of your website.

3. Think SEO:
It is imperative to mention that the content that you post needs to be designed from an SEO perspective. Identify the keywords that can be incorporated into your content and subtly and smartly place them into your content. You can make use of tools such as Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, and SEoBook to research the ideal set of keywords that you can integrate into your content.
Do not compromise on the quality of your content and post informative and interesting articles which engage readers and compel them to keep coming back and even 'bookmark' and share your pages. Integrate features such as RSS Subscription options, links to social bookmarking and sitemaps to boost your optimization initiatives.

4. Archiving Your Posts:
Remember to give access to all your older posts to visitors. This way you are not only giving them access to a range of interesting pieces of information relevant to your industry, business, product or service; but also inviting them to spend more time on your pages thus opening doors for you to introduce yourself to new and potential customers with leisure.

5. Visitor Engagement:
Now that you already have a blog, make the most of it by getting proactive online. Make regular posts, and try to be consistent in your frequency. If your visitors are expecting updates on regular intervals, they will be motivated to keep visiting you every now and then.
Additionally, do not resist from asking for a feedback. Enable the 'comment's feature which allows users to engage with you. Design your future posts by focusing on the needs and demands of your audiences.
If you are not directly associated with a brand, but intend to develop credibility on the internet as an authority figure for a particular idea, industry or concept; make relevant associations which help build reader perceptions about your content. Finally, be genuine about what you say on your blogs and you are sure to find yourself a loyal reader-base.

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