Sunday, 20 July 2014

Arthemia Free Pligg Theme | What Pligg Users Need

What is Pligg

Before I do start with this theme It would be better to let you know about Pligg as it can be a new term to you. Wikipedia defines Pligg as follow:
Pligg is an Open source Social Networking Content Management System (CMS) Combining social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication and a democratic editorial system enables users to collaboratively submit and vote articles. It was influenced by the extremely popular English technology site digg, where when a user submits a news article it is placed in the "upcoming" area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page.
It is an free, easy to use platform and using it you can make your own social bookmark site similar to Digg.

Arthemia Free Pligg Template

Arthemia is a Wordpress adopted theme for Pligg and released as a free. It looks clean and elegant and you don't need a premium theme using this template. Originally found by Yankidank which is the founder of Pligg. To use it you need to download a module called Featured from Pligg Forum. This module will add a featured news area on top of home page.


This template was originally designed for Pligg 1.0.1, but has been updated to work with 2.0. Download the version that is compatible with your pligg version.

arthemia 1.0.1
arthemia 1.0.3
arthemia 1.0.4
arthemia 1.1.0
arthemia 2.0


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