Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Top 10 Free Blog Ping Services Online

First of all you may ask "what is pinging?" and "How ping works?" to start this post I'm going to tell you more about pinging briefly.
Every time you update your blog pinging will let search engines to know that your server has been updated. It send packets to target hosts that are some blog directories and search engines and wait for response. The result of test  will list in form of statistical summary of the response packets received, which that "ping sent" or "failed to send ping".

This operation draws search engine bots to your blog post, and as a result your blog post will get indexed faster which means free traffic to your website.

Top 10 Free Blog Ping Services
Below is the list  of top 10 free ping services online. They are free and don't need registration.

This site is all in one ping service,  There is an option to ping you rss feed.Simply copy your post url (Your page address) and paste it in the box the site indicates then write your post title.

One of my favorite ping services, which send pings to google blog search and yahoo and many other blog directories.

This site notify major blog directories about your new blog post, and simply make them crawl and index properly by search engines.

On this site you can ping your blog, feed and podcast for free, and submit then to 52 search engines and blog directories.

Submiting your blog and rss feed with pingoat is as easy as possible. It also submit to non English services.

That is another free ping service. You can simply submit to 27 search engines and Blog Directories with a mouse click, no options to submit Rss feed.

Another free ping software to submit your blog post and Rss feed.

This website let you ping to English and non English services, have no option to ping your Rss feed.

Ping your blog and Feed to 42 Blog and feed directories, you need to insert url and feed url so that this ping will work properly.

This site is another ping service. Have a user friendly interface that makes it easy to use by going to its advanced mode have more choices to submit to non English blog directories.


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