Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tips to use Twitter Effectively

Twitter may look confusing at the first look specially for beginners when they start using twitter, as It was same for me when I started using it. You simply face terms like tweet, Retweet, trend that make it look complicated. But it 's not really so It's fun "when you knew How to Use It"

What is Twitter
Twitter is a micro-blogging and social networking service,Its is micro-blogging because posts or messages posted to the system which Twitter calls them Tweets, can only be 140 characters long, unlike normal blogs where posts can be of any length. Twitter is a social networking service, because You can see other ones tweets regardless of being your friend and conversely, also you can choose who's tweet you read. Twitter also allows you to reply to tweets, and those reply can be seen by not only by your followers (those who have chosen to to see your tweets) but also the person who you are replying to, regardless of if they have opted to
follow you or not. As it's not so in Facebook and just your friends can see your posts in most cases that depends to your privacy set in your profile.

I 'll stop here at this point and recommend Scott Herbert' s book about "Using Twitter Effectively" that help you using twitter and will show you how to use Twitter from creating account to twitter applications hashtags and many more. Follow the tips of this book to guarantee your success in twitter.

This book is release under CreativeCommons Attribution Non-commercial license for more information 
visit here.

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