Monday, 18 April 2011

MyBlogGuest A Guest Blogger Community

It's about a while that that i heard about the term of Guest Blogger However it is something new for me and many don't know about it.
Guest Blog
Last week when I google for Guest Blogger found a community of guest bloggers that made me to share it with you because it is really beneficial.
However I joined them, considering guest blog in a blog for future, so far I don't have Guest post in this blog, but it is not a bad idea to have some for my niche.

Who is a Guest Blogger?
Guest Bloggers are people that write on other blogs as guest blogger and in return they get back links and traffic for their blogs and websites. This is the simplest way that I can describe a guest blogger for you. You may ask what is this ache in butt when i can get content from article directories? but you must think again there is different between them.

The articles that you get from an article directory is not a unique content a lot of people may publish the same thing in their blogs, despite of being a legit way online to get content, while a guest post is pure unique content from people that interested in writing on your blog. This can incredibly increase your traffic and give life to your blog as they get free traffic, it is a great opportunity for them to get new readers and promote themselves. As they choose where is the best place to publish their article. It is a win win win process...

MyBlogGuest is a community of people looking for a blog to guest post on or if you are a blogger you can find articles related to your niche for your blog. However you may consider to make a guest post in my blog.


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