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Six Tips On How To Write A Great Article

Six Tips On How To Write A Great Article
by Brad Selers
Article writing today is big business for many different reasons. Articles are published every single day in a variety of mediums, all of which are written by individuals around the world. These are published online, in newspapers and journals and so on. Maybe writing articles is something that you are interested in, but do not know how to get started. If you want to make article writing a hobby or even a business you will need 6 tips on how to write a great article.

Step one - start every single article with a brief rundown of what you will be discussing. Obviously this will be contained within the first paragraph. But do not try to go into too much detail, just give readers a snapshot of what you will be talking about.

Step two - in the next paragraph you must aim to summarise what will be discussed within the article. By doing this you will create a focus in your reader and make them want to read the rest of your article. However ensure that you do not repeat what you have said in your first paragraph your reader will become bored.

Step three - find a good style to write in and stick to it during each individual article. One mistake that a lot of writers make is to switch styles during an article. Doing this will only create confusion for your reader and make your article read poorly. If you are concerned about this scan through your article as you are writing it to make sure you are always in the same style.

Step four - to really engage the reader write as though you are having a conversation with them. Write in a way that will pull them in and want to carry on reading what you have to say. Being too stuffy or overly serious when writing will put your readers off, especially if you are writing for a certain audience.

Step five - don't ever write an article on a subject that you have no experience in without research. Not only is this highly unprofessional it will also take you much longer to write your article. Send a little time researching your subject and you will be much more successful when writing your article. If this is not possible you may have to turn down writing the article rather than submitting a poorly written piece. This is something that all writers need to understand and you will too.

Step six - stay on topic! This is a point that cannot be stressed enough as a lot of writers wander off topic when writing. If you do this you will not be creating great articles, they will be confusing and disjointed. Anyone who is concerned about this should re-read the article they are writing every couple of paragraphs.
As you can see the 6 stages to learn how to write a great article are very straightforward. Follow them and you will soon learn how to write a great article that is highly professional. Who knows if you are not already making money out of this, you soon could be with a great article writing style.
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