Friday, 24 April 2015

.COM Domain Name For $0.99 On Godaddy

Domain Names

.com domains have their special authority as it is considered one of the most common domain names. It is mostly requested by webmasters and it is considered to be the priority when it comes to domain registration. Nowadays, several generic and geo-targeted domains are available like .co,.mobi, .tv and etc. However, .com domains are most wanted one.

Registering A New Domain

If you own a business and planned to broaden your prospects, you are likely to thought about breaking the real world borders by your presence in online world. There are several domain registration services online that makes this process confusing. Before doing anything, you have to investigate some aspects and ask yourself some questions:
  • Which company can respond to my requirement?
  • What features do they provide?
  • Which extension is better and more affordable for me?
However, GoDaddy is most known domain registration company that dominates domain industry. It is widely used by webmasters and proved to be one of the bests. Today I found an special promo that makes it possible to register a .com domain for as low as $1.

How Does It Work?

Here you will find the method, just follow it step by step 
  1. Go to GoDaddy, search your desired domain name, and select it. The normal price is $9.99 for one year. 
  2. Click continue to cart to go simply to the second page.  On review your current order page, you will find a total of $10.17 to be paid.
  3. Now head to very end of the page where you find "Have a promo code field" and simply enter CJCRMN99U in the field. Now you can enjoy a .com domain name for as low as $0.99.

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