Monday, 16 June 2014

Top Indian Social Networks 2014

Social networks are now very popular and it can have a great significance for webmasters and bloggers to use its potentials. Social networks now comprise a great portion of traffic online that can drive a good traffic to websites associated with them. However, most of the people use social network for communication, sharing interest, making communities and wasting time. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ are among most popular social networking sites.

Indian Social Networks

Indian users comprise a big portion of traffic in the internet. Indians now have their own social networks dedicated to Indian to share their desires and keep connected. That's why I thought to share a list of social networking site for Indians where they can keep in touch and check friend activities. 84 percent of Indian internet users use social network according to comScore. However, local social networks contribute in engaging a portion of this audience. The list below is a list of top Indian social networks that are ranked based on the votes by users. 

Hope you enjoyed the list and don't forget to contribute in voting and sharing your point of view in comments. 

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