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Web Hosting Company| How to Pick a Good One

Unless you have your own server, you will need someone to host your website. There are thousands of web hosting companies on the Internet. How to pick the right hosting for your website? How important the web hosting to the overall site performance? Many web site designers offer web site hosting on their own servers as a part of web development package. It sounds like one stop shopping, but may not be best solution for your site. What is the difference between a private server and a professional web hosting?
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Points to Take Into Account, Choosing A Web Hosting Company

1. We recommend all web site owners to sign up with independent web hosting company to host your web site. Web hosting and web design are two different things. We believe, that professional web hosting companies do much better job in managing and maintaining the servers, perform timely upgrades, buy latest and greatest software to support the most popular web applications, provide protection against viruses and keep your site up and running with no interruption.

2. It is hard to choose the right hosting company just by looking at a web site. We deal with many web hosting companies on a daily basis. Depending on your site size, functionality and your budget, we can recommend different web hosting options. It is very important for the web site to be up and running all the time with no downtime. Most web hosting companies now have state-of-the-art servers with uptime over 99.99% . So the servers uptime is not a major difference between web hosting companies.

3. Price for the web hosting may very depending on how big the hosting company is, what kind of hosting packages they offer, the size of the server space, applications, features. Generally, the price for web hosting is not necessarily reflects the quality.

4. Before you sign-up with the web host, check if you will get enough space for your site for now and, if your site will eventually grow. Dedicated IP is recommended (dedicated IP means, that the space will be assigned to your site alone - no sharing with other web sites). Shared IP web hosting is usually less expensive, but can cause your site work slow, potential problem with banned IP due to the fraud activities or spamming from the web site that is sharing the same IP with your site. Your site ( and the domain name) will get banned by AOL, Yahoo, MSN and others. Your emails will get rejected. So, it is best to get dedicated IP for your web site.

5. When problems occur, it is important that you will speak with a real person. Time is money - if your site is down you need to fix it as soon as possible. The hosting companies usually offer support tickets options to solve technical issues. Still, many problems require immediate attention.

6. Take advantage of money back guarantee offers - if for some reason you are not happy with the hosting company, you can take your site elsewhere.

7. If web hosting company offer a Demo, take a look at the Control Panel and its features. Is it easy to handle? Do you understand the Control Panel structure? Will you be able to handle the applications installation, emails set-up by your self? Does hosting company provide tutorials on their website? It is very important.
You don't have to pay always for hosting your website, if you take a closer look you can find a package that 6 months free web hosting is included.

Few words about private web hosting (web designer server)

Technically speaking, it is nothing wrong with hosting your web site on a private server. It does not really matter for a web site itself. It might become an issue for you as a web site owner. Web designer might get busy with his/her core business - web design and development - and will neglect the server maintenance. Your web designer might be out of town, on vacation or get ill - who will take care of the problems? Web application software are expensive. Software companies offer quantity discounts to larger web hosting companies. Freelance web designer cannot possible afford a web application software you need. You might have to pay for this software to support certain function on your site. Web hosting companies have a team of server technicians to take care of the server maintenance, emails problems, databases, site back-ups and overall problem solving 24/7.


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