Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Get 6 Months Free Web Hosting

Till now I came up with different post which were mostly concentrated on useful tips and tricks for bloggers. Some posts about seo and others about blogger tips and tricks that the aim was to help you to improve your online presence and optimize your website to be more search engine friendly. However, this is just one side of the coin and on the other hand to start any website the web hosting solution would be necessary. when it comes to web hosting many different aspects are considered like disk space, bandwidth, up-time and etc. Although, the most critical aspect is the cost of hosting specially for individuals with a small budget. In the light of this, today I want to share with you some hosting plans that offer 6 Month Free Hosting, hope you enjoy it.


On Superb and for a limited time, after one year of service you'll receive six months FREE for GridPro or GridMax. That's a deal too good to pass up. Just use Promo Code 7452 when you order.


With optimal hosting you get 6 month free hosting+free domain name for an unlimited cloud based web hosting. This offer comes with several features like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, email and unlimited domain hosting. Furthermore, they offer along with this other unique features that you can check by yourself.


Westhost is an affordable shared web hosting service that offers different plans based on the need of customer. Westhost offers 6 months free hosting with one year package. Also in case of buying two years package and three years package, you will get 12 months and 18 monthes free consequently. Get 50% MORE FREE with coupon 50FURTHER!

This was about 6 months free web hosting. Now if you like it share to let others know about it.

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