Monday, 26 May 2014

Simple Tip to Make Animated Photos Using Google+

Google+ is now so popular that almost everybody is using it everyday. Almost like the bigger rival Facebook, in Google+ you can make your profile, share your daily or online life with your friends and make circles  where you can interact with them in a more controlled way.Also you can make your fan pages or community. Like other products of Google, Google+ has a simple interface and a clean design.

Recently Google+ come up with a new feature where you can make animated gif photos from your successive photos.

How to Do It

The trick is easy just 
1-open your profile 
2-Click  Photos > Upload photos

3-Upload the series of photos you have taken before.
4-It is done. Google+ will recognize successive photos and make a gif animated photo automatically.

Also in this video you can see the way to do it in a video tutorial 

Using this simple idea, Saatchi gallery in London held a photography prize in association with Google+.
and the following animated photos are finalists.

For more information you can visit Saatchi gallery

Which photo do you like more! Let me know in comments 

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