Sunday, 11 May 2014

.edu & .gov Links & How to Get Them Easily

.edu & .gov. Domains

There are tricky ways for the best result that are really simple, but we mostly ignore them. The power of .edu and .gov links are discussed almost in every seo debate. These are distinguished as trusted links by Google and are associated with educational institutes or governmental organisation. The argument here is that Google put more value on .edu and .gov links and this stems from the assumption that they are reputable valuable links.

However, The Google head of web spam clearly in his video states that .edu links don’t carry more weight than other extensions, But still he mentions that the quality of the link matters...How reputable those links are...

So, it can be inferred from his statement that the quality of links matter. The fact behind .edu & .gov domains is they are associated with offline institute or organisation and in addition, the quality of pages that link to these domains make their authority. These authorities are most likely to link to pages with great content or in other words they link to the resources that are helpful for their students or organisation. So, Write in a way that worth a link.

But what if you can not do that in spite of having a good content. Then follow this article to find out more possibilities.

How to find .edu & .gov blogs

There are plenty of ways to find them now in this post I share some of them and hope to be useful.

.edu Links

To find .edu blog I am going to use Google and perform the following search
seo inurl:blog "powered by wordpress" "Leave a Reply"

.gov Links

For finding .gov blogs search Google for following inquiry
seo inurl:blog "powered by wordpress" "Leave a Reply"

It is not advisable to spam these blogs as they are respectable people. It is better to write comments that add value to the post. If you are interested in more link building tips, you may consider my other post on :              12 Link Building Tips that boost your Traffic

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